Friday, August 06, 2010

Smaller Screens, and...

In 2008, between rehearsals for a live quartet, 4 wonderful dancers and I spent time at a dock on Martha's Vineyard. The footage we gathered became the videodance THOSE DAYS, which showed at the 92nd Street Y late last year. It can be seen on the small screen on your own computer. As I said in a Facebook posting, my work is not typical of what shows on the site. But I take a perverse pleasure in putting it out there, where it might surprise the rare viewer who, after holding judgment through the first few minutes of silence, is rewarded by Jane Wang's wonderful music to linger longer. Or, as one Facebook friend responded, it might disturb those lingering to find that the sensuality of actual bodies partnering in water is "almost R-rated" - especially compared to the often lame re-enactments of passion, intimacy or physical exploration that often stand in for them on stage.

The watery image above, however, is NOT from THOSE DAYS and the fresh water in Menemsha Pond, but from a new videodance, currently visible only on the smaller screen of my editing canvas.

It's from a recent shoot that lasted about 4 hours at a friend's swimming pool, featuring 4 bathing beauties, and 2 cameras: Charles Castor-Dudzik, an excellent cameraman who just graduated from Nyack High, and Chisa Hidaka who has danced with me off and on for years, who has an underwater camera she's been using for her Dolphin Dance Project.

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