Wednesday, December 03, 2014

This is a short medley of bits from video dances made between 2007-2014, edited especially for a presentation called "We are already dancing..." at Rhode Island College on Friday, December 7th.  It includes excerpts from: The Welcome Table; 3 Speed, Brother's Keeper; Year, Make & Model; On the way; and Aqua-booty.

I know, I still haven't quite managed a real post, full of my usual insightful, piquant observations. Before 2014 ends, I promise!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Somehow I didn't quite find the time to write in here about my highly gratifying back to back adventures in early November - a talk and the screening of 4 of my videodances in Sao Carlos, Brazil at the VIII Festival of Videodance, followed by inclusion of Her Children Mourn in a screening of shorts at the Williamstown Film Festival.

More on that soon...
ideally before la proxima visita ao Brasil!

But in case time continues to pass quickly, turkey is consumed and I still haven't pimped for this upcoming event, I'm posting it now.

Join me if you're in the Providence area - Renzi work live AND on screen, a pretty rare occurrence.

And you can heckle me with questions from the house - in fact, it's welcomed!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This just in

My 10-minute short HER CHILDREN MOURN will be screening Saturday November 8 at the Williamstown Film Festival, which is not a dance film festival. It's in my home town where Helen Renzi - to whom CHILDREN is dedicated - was much beloved.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Be Here Now

Ladies & Gentlemen, my plate is full of delicious projects: past, present, ongoing and yet to come.  My intention is to report monthly, but when I miss a month I'm torn between giving updates and moving toward the future.  

There's ROXIE, an 8-minute documentary I completed in 5 days at Experimental Film Virginia in the middle of August, Trailer here.

There've been various film screenings and a few awards - Outstanding Editing for Her Children Mourn and Best Short for A Thousand Miles.  And 890 Broadway screens at Outlet Dance Project next month.
Then in mid-September at Slippery Rock University, I choreographed and directed something for 11 dancers wearing costumes by Liz Prince, in a stunning location, shot by my wonderful host, Jennifer Keller.  

Now I'm back in Nyack, editing that Pennsylvania project (see below) and shooting a new one.  I told you about the CSA grant I got from Rivertown Artists Workshop to work with Latina mothers & daughters in Tarrytown. We've had one movement session and the results are already delightful - tender, rollicking, unselfconscious.  Right now it looks like the final product will drift away from typical videodance toward docu-dance, documentary...

And by the way, you can catch my general drift for the next several months if you attend a program called "hors d'oeuvres" - videodances screened in the lobby of the 92nd Street Y before their Fridays@Noon series. All Renzi all the time.
Editing begins on the latest: Fair, Clear & Terrible shot in Slippery Rock, PA in early September.