Thursday, August 06, 2009

So Spoiled!

The good news is: you readers do respond when I suggest you check out updates on this blogspot. I can tell because a week after I send one of my email reminders, the blog hit counter goes up by about the same number as the people in my email list...

The bad news is: I have spoiled you!  I heard from several friends that they were clicking and clicking on the still photo of the piece I made in Canada this summer - 3 Speed - and were frustrated that it didn't start moving!

OK, OK, as of this post I am uploading 3 Speed (click here to view),  and a new Archive of the Month, which you can see if you click on "About Marta Renzi"  right next to this post.  But in return I expect some feedback - in the form of comments below, or donations to PayPal above right.  And if I get a little action, I might even post some performance footage of Come Round Right. Or, if you jump up and down repeatedly, maybe the above picture will seem to move!

Fair enough?  

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Anonymous said...

muy buen blog !!! saludos desde argentina.