Saturday, July 18, 2009

Short and Sweet

Rather than a long narrative of recent activities, here are just the headlines, with links to relevant sites for more info.

Video Dance: In late June THAW won a weekly online video dance contest - on the theme of "summer or winter".  Click here to go see it - again! - and to read the accompanying appreciation of the work written by the folks at Movement Media.

Above is a still from the Dance on Camera workshop I attended last month which was a revelation - from our insightful and incisive leader, David Hinton, to the generous availability of resources provided by our hosts, CanAsian Dance Festival, Kaeja Dance and Ryerson College in Toronto.  Click here, which is the website for Dance Films Association (on whose Board of Directors I serve).  If you become a DFA member, you'll receive the eZine with the article I wrote about the workshop - sharing some of what I learned. (Otherwise, come back here later in the fall for a "re-print.")

Live Performance:  A stalwart and rapt audience of more than 100 walked through the woods at Fruitlands on a day threatening rain to experience the premiere of COME ROUND RIGHT.  (see GLOBE preview above right). Accompanied by forest birdsong and the voice of Terri Roben, 6 Project Co. dancers - Caitlin Granados, Lisa Greenberg Aislinn MacMaster, Marta Miller, Deborah Tacon and Lissy Trachtenberg - inhabited the grove with 10 local young dancers from Harvard.  Please join us for the next two:

Sunday, September 6 at 6:30 pm

Sunday, September 20 at 2:00 pm
sponsored with Down Street Art

Funding: Sorry to say there's no news on that front!  But you have the power to change that.  Notice how the DONATE button at left is just above the picture of Aislinn aloft?  Your $$$ will help keep her airborne for the next two shows...

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