Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Flurry Expected

No, silly, not snow flurries!
I'm referring to all the activity going on in September.
Here's the skinny:

2 more live performances of COME ROUND RIGHT in Massachusetts.
(see "Short and Sweet" post below for details and links)

A five-minute video excerpt of COME ROUND RIGHT as premiered at Fruitlands earlier this summer can be seen on line at If you can't make the live shows, click here. Enter Marta Renzi in the Search field - while there, you might want to take another look at last year's Yard project, CARTOON LOVE.

And on September 10th, two of my short dances films have been selected for the 7th Annual Dance on Camera Festival, as part of the evening of student works: "The Next Generation."

Although as "students" go I am no spring chicken, I do study with the pros any chance I get. My first dance for the camera workshop was with Ellen Bromberg (TEXAS PLATES, 2007), and my second just this past June with David Hinton (3 SPEED, 2009). Click here for more details.

And in case this flurry prevents me from sending out the alert next month: click here for news of the first annual UMOVE Online Videodance Festival, which I'm helping to launch with my wonderful collaborators Anna Brady Nuse and Kriota Willberg.
Party with us Sunday, October 4th!


Susan McLoughlin said...

Girlfriend - Cartoon Love! Where have I been or where has it been hidden? The choreography is fucking phenomenal. It's sharp and gorgeous, encompassing but to the point. I'm floored! It's inspiring. It makes me wish I was a dancer....wait a second, but I am a da....WOW. It would be impossible to watch that and stay still. Are you performing some version of that somewhere?

Kate Meth said...

You and your work are a JUBILEE !!!!!
And the UMOVE On-line Video Dance Festival...Brilliant...all the best, Kate