Monday, July 28, 2008

Archive of the Month: GREAT PERFORMANCES

Great Performances? Well, it sports fabulous costumes, is performed to classical music, skews plenty of ballet steps, and is shot by a Japanese national television station - with a little Shakespeare thrown in! If it all sounds too elite for you, not to worry: it's just CADENZA CARTOONS, performed at Central Park Summerstage in 1989.

With mis-matched fantasy costumes from the Costume Collection, the voices of Michael Preston, Josh Mostel and Mary Shulz, choreographed with a sense of humor to several Mozart Horn Concertos, this dance was a mainstay of the Project Co. repertory - when there WAS repertory.

This midsummer's night performance features Cathy Zimmerman, Tom Grunewald, Nathaniel Lee and Yours Truly in a costume designed to attract attention. Goofy enough for Youtube?


alberto said...

This was fantastic!!!!! Thank you so much for posting it!

Arthur said...

Hey Marta, I just saw this piece with out the music. I love when it works like that. I look forward to experiencing it with music. great performance! thanks! peace Arthur