Monday, June 09, 2008

FILMED & FARAWAY (and almost over)

INCIDENT AT CHEKHOV CREEK is showing this week in Naples, Italy, as part of the 15th edition of a dance/film festival called Il Coreogafo Elettronico.

I toyed with the idea of attending...but decided to spend my time and money on MORE PROJECTS instead of airfare.

If you happen to be in Naples, or know anyone there, spread the word.

And if you want a screening in the privacy of your air-conditioned home, send AND DANCERS, INC. a donation of $25 or more and I'll send you a DVD with microwaveable popcorn pouch thrown in.

Come on, you can't beat THAT!

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Winslow Martin said...

Did you once ask if you could use on of my photographs? Maybe I didn't reply. Let me know. My lack of reply is because of overwhelm and chaos not malfescence.

Winslow Martin