Monday, August 25, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

Regular visitors to this site are aware that these days there is no "repertory" of live dances performed by the "Marta Renzi Company". But, honored to be invited by the legendary Martha Myers to be part of an evening on Martha's Vineyard called "Through the Eyes of a Choreographer", I felt that just projecting a recent videodance wouldn't do.

So, with only 4 days of rehearsal to create a dance which would be performed that weekend, I knew I'd be relying on the kindness of near-strangers to make magic happen - and fast. Luckily, I assembled a wonderful pickup company: Mica Bernas and Caitlin Granados, who danced at Gaga earlier this summer, Rory Kaplan who danced in BRICKTOWN, and newcomer Carlos Gonzalez who I scouted in a Ballet Hispanico workshop.

The other ingredients? A heavenly place to work with the blessing of Wendy Taucher and her staff at The Yard, access to playtime on a private dock - see Carlos's photo of Mica, above - and music that included composer/horn player Steve Elson's new collaboration with Daniel Wolff (CD forthcoming!).

Now Rory and Carlos are back to their respective college schedules, Mica and Caitlin to their dancing in New York, but it's not over yet: we hope to tour "Blow by Blow" a bit next summer, and to return to paradise - to make a video dance this time.

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alberto said...

That image is absolutely stunning. Bummed I couldn't partake but glad there will be something to see next summer!!!