Sunday, November 25, 2007

Convertible Kisses

Here is the second project I shot in Canada last summer, and finished editing only recently. It was shot by Alejandro Valbuena, racing the setting sun on the last day of the workshop, with two wonderful Canadian dancers, Jane Osborne and Matthew Waldie.

A convertible. Sunset. A man and a woman.
I had a hard time finding music I thought would suit it - sexy but not too pop, female but not too feminine - and landed on "City Boys" from Patti Scialfa's great 2004 record 23rd STREET LULLABY.

As always I'm eager to hear what you think - and feel.


Alberto said...

Yay!!! Texas Plates is up. Looks Great Marta!!! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and elegant, nice cinematography.

Jordi Castillo

Clare Byrne said...

hey Marta,
this is great --
all the elements come together so very well!
nice to plug into your blog here, will keep checking it out..

Danielle said...

This is wonderful, Marta. I especially love the part of catching the light before it goes down and how the dance and cinematography plays with this. Alejandro's work is quite lovely as well. Speak soon.

cj said...

that'll make a gay girl wanna go straight