Friday, April 03, 2020

Coronavirus Calendar

In case you read this in the next few days ... there are two online festivals sharing Renzi work.

begins Friday April 3 at 8:00
via YouTube Live Stream, time-sensitive, obviously.
Over the course of 3 days, its programming will include 3 Renzi films: 

Her Magnum Opus  (Saturday at 7:30 EST)
Where Love Leads 
Through Mabel's Eyes

It may seem like an odd way to "premiere" this newest film ... but then these times are nothing if not unprecedented.

Moving Body - Moving Image
Saturday April 4 at noon
two 45-minute programs plus added bonus films, including Her Magnum Opus.
May it bring some balm, since its synopsis begins: 

"A circle of friends gather..." - and not on Zoom.

Another laurel - again online - for Through Mabel's Eyes 
is from a festival in Bucharest, Romania called Film in Focus. It's not clear to me how this one works ... again, the usual rules are suspended, even for "Official Selections".

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