Tuesday, April 14, 2020

All virtual all the time

Although many festivals are postponing their celebrations until it's safe to congregate in person, others are creating virtual festivals, making their archives viewable for free for the duration of the pandemic. One such is the venerable Black Maria Film Festival which has been in existence for 39 years, and has included Renzi work multiple times. Now you can view over 100 films as part of the virtual festival, including 3 of mine: Her Children Mourn, A Thousand Miles from the Sea and In search of lost time.

Skybridge, made pre-pandemic, will have its premiere as expected, at the Hunter College Dance Concert on May 9th at 7:30. However,  instead of being the outlier in a concert of live work before a live audience, all of the work will be shared on screen - not as expected.

A new world. Time will tell if it's a brave one.

Meanwhile, I've kept busy sewing masks and volunteering at People to People and Meals on Wheels. With all of my collaborators and locations on lock-down, I've had few opportunities to make work. But here's something "directed by" me - not a dance film but a thoughtful poem written by Daniel Wolff accompanied by some scene-stealing ducks.

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