Tuesday, March 15, 2016

While I'm away...

Coming attractions in March and April:

Thaw in Iran at the Nowruz Film Festival

Honeymoon in Poland and Spain

Roxie at Ethnografilm in France

Besties at SENE Music & Film Festival, Rhode Island

Wildwood at the Painted Birds in Spain

Plow Plant Reap in Sweden

Despite all my self-deprecating talk about my "little films" and something of mine appearing in a "small film festival", it's hard not to derive some satisfaction from the above roster of Renzi shorts screening all over.  When I look back at the past decade as I've learned to express myself in a new medium - from Thaw to Besties - I can't help but be proud.

I'll be in Europe for the next 2 weeks for a trip bookended by the screening of Honeymoon in Poland and Roxie in Paris. In between I'll visit my brother in Brussels and my too-rarely-glimpsed former collaborators Anka Sedlackova & crew in the Slovak Republic.

It's perfect timing to gain the perspective that often comes with going off the rails for a while. Here in Nyack I'm nearing the finish line with "My Magnum Opus" which started shooting in October 2015 and should finishing shooting by July.  After the past several years of experience of churning out mostly short works, I rose to the challenge of making a feature-length Something. Still no dialog and still led primarily by intuition rather than a screenplay, it's turning into a meditation on time.

At some point in the next few months I'll probably send out invitations to a preview screening. I'm looking forward to feedback about what works and what doesn't.

Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer for Besties, a little something I tossed off last September before plunging into said Opus. I continue to enjoy the spirited dancing and warm friendship between Mica Bernas and Caitlin Roben - and very special guests! - along with the infectious Brazilian pop music. 

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