Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Let me count the ways. 

Grateful that you navigated here to read this and to watch the trailer [above] for Wildwood, grateful that it's possible to create a virtual audience in the blogosphere.

Grateful to Faith Catlin for making it possible for me to work/play with these 9 girls at Loch Lyme Lodge in New Hampshire last summer, and grateful to the girls for their unselfconscious daily play so much like memories of my own lucky childhood. 

Grateful that my films have been finding their way to general audiences, in addition to those at dance film festivals. I'm eager to see which sorts of programmers embrace Wildwood.  I'm primarily submitting to festivals in the children's category, figuring that even some of my faithful dance on camera presenters may draw the line at children skipping through the goldenrod...

Grateful that - drum roll, please - my first long-form documentary, The Circus According to Cecil is finally completed, a year and a half after I started.  My previous two shorter documentaries Where the Dance Is and Arthur & Aileen, were more obviously dance-related.  But several early viewers of Circus/Cecil have commented that the point of view, the editing, the choice of circus director Cecil MacKinnon as subject, clearly show the eye/hand of a choreographer.  In which category will this one find a home - documentary, family-friendly, arts-related, woman-centered, children's, dance/film?

Grateful as well for works-in-progress: the almost-completed Rhode Island College project from January, an upcoming return to Cape Charles, Virginia for a community-based film project and a growing list of festival appearances, some too far away...

March 24th
Utah Dance Film Festival
Provo Library, Provo, Utah
screenings of 890 Broadway and Her Children Mourn

March 30-April 4
Dances with Camera
Poznan, Poland
screening of 890 Broadway

April 1-6
Imperfectu International Film & Gender Studies Festival
Tijuana, Mexico
screening of Brothers Keeper

April 11-16
Athens International Film Festival
Athens....Ohio !
screening of Her Children Mourn

...and others closer to home. I'm especially grateful when I get to see my audience in person, like at the live performances and screenings coming up this spring and summer.  I plan to be in attendance for all of the following - hope to see you there!

April 25th
92nd Street Y Fridays at Noon
Dance Lineage- James Waring, Aileen Passlof & Arthur Aviles
screening of Arthur & Aileen

April 26th
SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival
screening of Her Children Mourn 

May 15th
Rivertown Artists Workshop
The Warner Library, Tarrytown, New York
talk & screening of Children, 890 Broadway, and Wildwood

July 24th
Inside/Out at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
Becket, Massachusetts
The Book of Breath and The Great World Spins

July 25th & 26th
Island Moving Co's Great Friends Festival
Newport, Rhode Island
The Book of Breath

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