Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nymphs, trolls & the eastern shore

Margaret, Alice and PeiLi in WILD WOOD, created during Girls on Film at Loch Lyme Lodge in New Hampshire  

Not one, not two, but three Renzi works have been selected to screen as part of the Nyack Film Festival on Sunday, August 18th at 2:00.  I encourage my local fans to take this opportunity to see 890 BROADWAY, BROTHER'S KEEPER and HER CHILDREN MOURN, the last of which was filmed at Bluefield Farm thanks to the kindness of Joy & John Macy.  

With luck I'll screech back to Nyack this coming Sunday just in time to sign autographs. But I may be late because I'll be returning from Cape Charles, where I've been a teaching fellow in an Experimental Dance Film workshop, led by Noemie LaFrance, Paolo Armao and Renata Shepard. On Saturday August 17th the ten of us filmmakers who have been learning together will celebrate the completion of our mini-oeuvres created during the workshop. All the time we've been engaging in these wide-ranging conversations about tools and ethics, capitalism and lenses, life goes on in this quiet town on the Virginia coast.  Someday I'll come back here and make that dance!

But, you say, what about those nymphs above - & trolls?  For a week at the end of July, Monday to Friday mornings for 3 hours, I worked with a delightful collection of 9 girls in Lyme, New Hampshire. They were lively, imaginative, unselfconscious and daring - a complete pleasure. I've worked with grown-ups who were whinier, and more easily bored!

As our scenario developed over the 5 days, Ella found a powerful stick in the woods, and with it her inner troll. Layla found some gossamer white costumes in a trunk and - presto! - nymphs appeared.  Next ensued a battle royale, concluding in a peace ritual as the girls wended their way back to civilization, Most of this - and more - was captured by Sunny Sawhney on camera.  And if it wasn't all captured?  Who cares? We lived it!

Will the resulting work be a "dance film"?  A home movie? A paean to girlhood? I can't answer that yet. But here's what I do know: I owe a debt of gratitude to Faith Catlin for allowing me to make her camp my workshop; it was a memorable experience that restored my faith in the ability of children to play and imagine; there isn't anything quite like it in the repertoire of what we laughingly call my "industry".

Speaking of which, a Renzi work will be represented in Boulder Colorado again for the 8th consecutive year at the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema. And HER CHILDREN MOURN was accepted by the International dancefilmfestival Brussels, subtitled L'art difficile de filmer la danse! 

Finally, and proudly, this just in from another curator who has screened my work every year since 2007 when the Mostra da Videodanca first began in Sao Carlos Brazil:

Hello Marta,

I´m writing to congratulate you on the videos you sent us again this year. They were all very beautiful, with special mention to "Brothers Keeper", which was applauded during the film session....twice, because we exhibited the video in our pre-festival party, and it was applauded then too.

My compliments for your hard work with a delicate soulful result.

Please send my warm wishes to all the people involved. 

All the best, always,

Francisco Silva