Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Distrify! and Archive of the Month

[Insert here a brief infomercial for one of my short films sold via Distrify.  Check out the player at right to see how with a click or two you can see ARTHUR & AILEEN as part of a compilation of shorts. That's the 15-minute documentary I was privileged to make with Aileen Passloff and Arthur Aviles, which showed at DFA's Dance on Camera earlier this year.  You can pay to view it in the privacy of your own home or in your classroom.] 

I should be waxing on about the wonderful performance of DOOKIE last month at The Flea, or the upcoming videodance I'll be making with 8 young girls in New Hampshire at the end of this month.  Or I could crow about the inclusion of BROTHER'S KEEPER in ADF's 2013 International Screendance Festival July 13th and 14th.

But instead, I'm keeping myself humble by sharing an Archive of the Month. Well, it's not strictly accurate to call IN THE DARK an Archive of the Month, since I haven't posted a "monthly" archive since December 2011! The below was made over 30 years ago - for Wekcentrum Dans in Rotterdam - and then became a staple of Marta Renzi & The Project Co,  This version was shot at Jacob's Pillow, and danced by Kim Flowers, Christine Philion, Peter Stathas, Andy Wollowitz and me.  

Sharing this keeps me humble, as I head to my 60th year thinking I have a bit more expertise in how to make dances than 30 years ago.  On the other hand, some days I think I'm just getting better at different kinds of failure.

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