Monday, October 29, 2012

In a theater near you...

Wednesday, November 7 @ 7:30Dixon Place
Dance Films Association curates an evening of dance films created by, featuring, and celebrating the male dancer, from Gene Kelly to Richard Move, from Billy Elliot to Lil' Buck. Screening excerpts of DFA's fiscally sponsored projects alongside large scale commercial works, DFA's Beyond the Stage: Moving Men on Screen illuminates the dynamic and ever changing role that men have played, dancing, on the screen. 
Vernon Scott will be our host for the evening, which will include my own BROTHER'S KEEPER, pictured above, as well as CHANT ET FUGUE by the Lombard twins. Buy a drink at the Lounge at Dixon Place, which will be open before, during and after the show - from 6:00 till midnight. 
If you can't make it to Dixon Place, how about this alternative: pour your own glass of wine, and watch Renzi works online. To do so, just click on the photo at right, which will take you to my growing filmography -  lots of online viewing at a theater very near you!

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