Friday, January 21, 2011

And Now Back to ME!

Hello Marta,

I've just finished looking at your film "Where the Dance Is." There's a lot to recommend it as it's got great energy, insight, diversity, expands on the definition of "dance" (which of course would be expected of you) and is illuminating, positive, everything good!

I'm selecting it as a Director's Choice piece which means we'd like to include it in our tour as one of about 60 films/DVDs that will be on the tour. We'd show it on an "as curated" basis at different institutions in several cities of the U.S.A. Typically we show about 8 to 10 works in each program and I can think of a number of venues where your piece will be very good in the program.

I'm honored to have "Where the Dance Is" in the Black Maria. Our opening night is on Friday, Feb. 4th. While we don't show all the films that night - and of the ones we are able to include in the opening night ceremony, we can only show clips - the next day we start showing work in full.

Congratulations and thank you for your long-standing faith in the Black Maria.

With warmest regards
John Columbus

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