Friday, November 19, 2010

Blast from the Past

It's appropriate that for this post - a 1990 Marta Renzi & Dancers newsletter scanned from the Archives - I've finally managed to upgrade the blogspot technology: note the improved image available via the YouTube video player below.

A good thing too, because the viewer "plays" not images this time, but the original newsletter pages - complete with anachronisms like a defunct return address for Pentacle (long may it live!) and Senator Jesse Helms' attack on art funded by the NEA (he killed it!)

If you enlarge the player (use the 4-arrow icon at lower right) you may actually be able to read the whole thing - while listening to the aptly nostalgic Randy Newman song pre-formatted with iPhoto slideshows.

If you do, you'll read a manifesto that still serves me 2 decades later: "Self-doubt is an occupational hazard. My brilliant career is not a living, it's a life. It's a body of work, a collection of willing souls, a shared experience of blood, debt and tears."

It goes on to say please continue to support, respond, donate: "it only means everything."

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