Friday, September 10, 2010

All Over the WORLD/A Special Day

My dance films are showing all over the place (see below) but I want to crow a little about one in particular:

In Sao Carlos, Brazil on August 20, as part of the fourth edition of the Sao Carlos International Videodance Festival, there was a "Special Session," celebrating...ME! The program reads:

Dedicated to another great partner, as a sign of gratitude for her constant and brilliant presence.

It was an all-Renzi program, a screening of the 7 dance films I've submitted to Sao Carlos since 2007. I heard this via email from the Festival producer:

The audience loved it, and everyone that hadn´t seen your videos in the previous editions for some reason, were really touched by your work. The session was one of the most commented on in the entire festival. I´m definitelly taking this program on the festival tour until 2011.

Congratulations on your work, I´m glad to have you with us.

Those Brazilians have very fine taste.

Screening elsewhere:

October 24
New Jersey State Film Festival
Cape May, NJ

Dance & Camera, ODC Theater
October 15
San Francisco, CA

November 22-27
FRAME Festival of Video Dance
Porto, Portugal

And since none of us made it to Sao Carlos, I've created a slideshow of the 7 works submitted over the past 4 years: COLD SPELL; CONSIDERING AN EXHIBITION; COTTONWOOD, BAMBOO & POISON IVY; INCIDENT AT CHEKHOV CREEK; 3 SPEED; MY FERAL VALENTINE and NOBODY'S DARLING. The images below are testament to a pretty interesting range of environments, characters and moods, if I do say so myself.

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