Sunday, February 28, 2010


Many thanks to those of you who made it to Dixon Place last week to see the premiere of NOBODY'S DARLING, choreographed during a month of rehearsals with Amos Wolff and Tina Vasquez. Here are glowing words from friend Elena TaJo

You really know how to choreograph! said the dunce who knows nothing. I just loved the purposeful play, the mystery of their interaction, the question of how I was included as the audience. And the movements were absolutely gorgeous, and rarely without intent it seemed. And geez, your Amos can move!
(photo by Matt Murphy

If you didn't make it, below is a short unedited excerpt of the duet (for better viewing on Vimeo, click here.

The paint is still wet on the video version of NOBODY'S DARLING, edited especially for the screen. But I'm NOT going to share it on the blog yet, hoping to lure those of you near Rockland County to come see it on:
March 12th at the New City Library at 6:30.

It's the first of six in a new series of Filmmaker Screenings, this one including conversation on the art and craft of my work and that of playwright/filmmaker Samuel Harps. Moderated by intelligent, creative, energetic artist/advocates David Kaminski and Katherine Kaplan.

Let's make art in the suburbs work!

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