Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mark your Mouse, Part 3

Click as you might on the above images, you won't get them to play as a video. (I know it's a tease, but I'm hoping you'll actually attend one of these screenings in person - or ante up with a donation, at which point I'll mail you a DVD for private viewing.) However, if you must have a dose of Renzi, and you missed the dialogue on this blog about COLD SPELL about a year ago, grab that mouse and go to Details...

I can assure you the audience at Dancemedia doesn't know what to make of these artsy videos I post. Nonetheless, in some kind of missionary perversion, I continue to offer up my dance/video pieces on a site where they are least likely to make converts. I heard from various friends how much they liked my last posting there of WELCOME TABLE, but the only comment on the site was:

"I found it a delight to watch - it is well-photographed and the girls are natural acting [sic]. But, alas, the work's relationship to dance is tenuous at best."

See what I mean by missionary perversion? We get as far as delight, and an appreciation of the natural acting - so who cares if it's dance or not? If I can get even one hapless viewer to weigh in on the bounding deer, or the skater's fall, or the blind scrabbling of the woman in COLD SPELL, we'll be getting somewhere. So, if you'd like to "ante up" by going to the above link and leaving a comment to get the conversation going, in return I'll send you a screener of whatever Renzi work you choose. It's a deal!

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