Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thinking Back...Looking Forward!

In late 2009, I was on a hunt for music that would suit the video quartet that is Part II of THOSE DAYS, because the Chopin piano I was using was almost too beautifully liquid for the sunlight and splashing water. By chance I read an article about a composer who plays double bass and toy piano, which sparked my curiosity enough to poke around for this Jane Wang person on MySpace. A telephone and email correspondence ensued, in which Wang gave me permission to use the music I'd fallen for on MySpace, and wrote some more. I was pleased to pay a living composer the "Most Favored Nations" fee I've lately paid to corporate recording companies. You can enjoy her music too, by clicking on Great Music/Great Collaborators, linked from this very blogspot.

So our last live performance of 2009 was THOSE DAYS at the 92nd Street Y. It began with a beautiful performance by Project Co. veterans Marta Miller and Rob Sorrentino, followed by the first screening of the Renzi/Wang collaboration. We're currently looking for other opportunities to perform the short piece, so if you have a benefit coming up, or a showcase it might be part of, let me know.

As for other ways of thinking back, try poking around on the blog where you'll find a lot to look at in the

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