Tuesday, November 03, 2009

VOODOO That You Do So Well

Do you VODO? It stands for Volunteer Donation, and is a new way of sharing work - print or video - beyond traditional distribution. I was hipped to VODO through film producer Ted Hope's website called truly free film. I checked out its website, made a small donation to the cause, and was invited to share my work as well.

Now my own THAW can be viewed on VODO. (You stalwart fans may be tiring of THAW, but it's the one for which I have universal rights, and I think of it as a good introduction to dance/video for folks who may not get how universal plain old dancing actually is.)

I encourage you to check out the work on VODO, though I think you have to be a subscriber to see THAW - again! This very blogspot has recently had more than its usual month's worth of hits, so I'm guessing VODO is sending a few extra visitors my way.

Insert here the usual exegesis on how I measure success.
Hint: in hits which equals viewers,
in $$$,
in your comments.

And if you still haven't seen INCIDENT AT CHEKHOV CREEK, click here for an excerpt.

Need I say it again? Comment, vote, donate!

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