Tuesday, November 03, 2009


A rare opportunity to see Renzi work live in New York, as part of the 92nd Street Y's 75th Anniversary year of events.

Called THOSE DAYS, it's a work in progress, in two parts:
June and November.
In November a man and woman move within the invisible ties that have bound them to each other for years. Is June - the videodance that follows - their memory of those days in the past - full of sunshine and youth - or those days to come: a more mature kind of possibility?

With long-time collaborators Marta Miller and Robert Sorrentino dancing live, and with "youth" represented on screen by the beauties pictured above.

December 4th at Noon, in a program with 3 other choreographers: Barbara Mahler, Rebecca Stenn and Marya Wethers. For more info, click here.


annan said...

Oh, that's my birthday! I love you and Marya, I will try to make it out!

And Dancers Inc. said...

Dear Anonymous:

It's never off-topic to say you like the work! Come back often, and thanks for your comment.