Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marta Renzi, Part II, Filmmaker

I'm happy to report that Considering an Exhibition screened  last month at Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema in Boulder Colorado and will be shown in May at Il Coreografo Elettronico in Naples.  Since as you read this, those options may be distant in time and geography, you can view it right now via YouTube.  

Speaking of the distant past, I didn't get to attend last fall's showing of Incident at Chekhov Creek at Poppy Jasper Film Festival in California. But I recently learned that a preview in the local newspaper wrote that Chekhov "looks closer to Andy Goldsworthy than to Merce Cunningham; late fall swirls of leaves fly as the dancers express themselves on a hillside." Which I take as a compliment - especially since during the shoot many of us happened in fact to be enjoying photographs book of Goldsworthy's "land art". 

I am also delighted to report that Thaw (2007) is being added to the collection of dance films at TenduTV, whose tagline is "programming your passions."  Stay tuned for notice of when it will be available for viewing, complete with banners ads for footwear and such below the image!

Cut to the present. TWO video/dance projects in process:

1. My Feral Valentine, shot at the end of 2008, and as yet unedited.  I've assembled some clips just to give you a taste of the location (upstairs at Hudson House restaurant in Nyack) the two wonderful dancers (Leonides Arpon and Mica Bernas) and the camerawork (Jake Goldwasser, in our 5th project together!)

2. At Beacon, Untitled, which features 8 Beacon High School students working with choreographer/teacher Doug Elkins.  Is it a piece about a choreographer's metamorphosis into high school teacher, about the adolescent humor and delight in movement he shares with these teenagers, about the distinct personality of the 7 boys - and one girl! - or the camaraderie they develop? As I said, it's in process. My first "documentary," and I'm learning as I go, more or less self-taught, which seems to be pretty much how I've evolved thus far.

In early June, I'll also get a chance to learn from a master, in a community of others, when I participate in a Dance for the Camera workshop taught by David Hinton in Toronto.  Luckily, I have a lot to learn!

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