Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marta Renzi, Part I, Choreographer

It's almost summertime, traditionally for me a time for a site-specific something or other. Last summer it was a magical time at The Yard, making Cartoon Love.  After one of our performances there, a new fan named Bob Eiland started chatting with me about how great it would be to bring some Renzi dancing to the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massaschusetts. Poor guy, his innocent invitation has led to a one-day extravaganza complete with electric power generated somehow in the woods.  

The plan is to assemble the female branch of the Project Co. - including Caitlin Granados, Aislinn MacMaster, Marta Miller, Deborah Tacon and her daughter Maya - for something mythic in the shadow of Joseph Wheelwright's "Oracle" (at left). Our first rehearsals will be during a residency at the Dragon's Egg in Ledyard, where - thanks to the generosity of Marya Ursin and Dan Potter - we hope to experiment with a few metamorphoses, aided by the "mystic beasts" masks created by Marya & Dan.  I admit it: I never quite know what I'm doing at first.  But if the ingredients are right, it somehow all works out.  Come see for yourself!

Sunday, June 28

Sunday, September 6 
The Yard

(and if you have a bright idea of where else we might tour it - think Bread & Puppet Theater - to a lawn, field, garden near you - there's all of July and August in between.)


Charles Rice-Gonzalez said...

Sounds wonderful. I know that Merian Soto has been dancing in the woods in Pennsylvania. She has been doing a project for some years now. She's at Temple, so she might have some ideas of places to perform. Wonder if we could do something in the Bronx at Barretto Point Park? Will explore. said...

Lovely! Say hi to Aislin for me. And have fun on MV.