Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fit to Print





BRICKTOWN has been selected to show in two film festivals this month:

Wednesday, May 14 at 8:30 at Riverspace in Nyack
as part of the Rockland Short Film Festival


Saturday, May 10th in "Dancing Outside of the Box"
as part of the Dogwood Festival of Fine arts in Dowagiac, Michigan.

BRICKTOWN was designed for and shot at the Gaga Arts Festival last June, and edited to killer music performed and composed by cellist Erik Friedlander.

The other big news is that CAUGHT LOOKING is now available for purchase through a website whose mission reads:

IndieFlix is dedicated to providing a forum for filmmakers and their audience to interact, and to building a community that translates artistic vision into commercial success.

We believe that every movie has an audience, every filmmaker has a story to tell and each story has the right to be shared.

So Google Indieflix to buy your very own copy of CAUGHT LOOKING for $5.95. If this venture goes well, Indieflix may add other video dances I've made - THAW, FLEET WEEK, and others - so that I can build a community that begins with you, online now.
Go To Indieflix

1 comment:

Arthur said...

Ahhh! Memories! That was refreshing. Thanks for giving me this moment. Such a refreshing image of community. Thank you for giving me the oppertunity and allowing me to be apart of it all!
From the wispy dreamy trio to powerful elegant strong balerina to travel log and Doug E's smooth wiggle, the whole group mixing it up. On a selfish note, I love the duet you dug up for Chisa and I. Thank you for fine tayloring it. We look good!

Peace and Love, Arthur