Thursday, May 01, 2008

Archive of the Month REUNION

Since it was performed at Central Park Summerstage in 2005, you could argue that REUNION is a not-so-dusty Archive of the Month. But it was stitched together from dances made as long ago as 25 years, so it qualifies. It also boasts an all-star cast of past and current veterans, as well as special guests Arthur Aviles, Doug Elkins, Deborah Jowitt and Vicky Shick.

Obviously, REUNION was not composed or edited for viewing on a small screen like some of the videodance I share on this blog. But I heard from viewers who enjoyed watching all 15 minutes of BETWEEN THE LINES, so I'm presenting for your enjoyment another 15-mnute - unedited - assemblage which is in - its very format - archival.

Music created and played on sax by Steve Elson, sung by Chisa Hidaka who also dances, with a knock-out song by Ozomatli in the center of the score.

For the next Archive of the Month, I'd be glad to take requests: from past dancers, from anyone who wants to see fuller versions of some of the dances included as part of REUNION:

FEMME for women in high heels and sunglasses
MARRIAGE BETWEEN ZONES, based on the Doris Lessing novel
LADIES NIGHT, to music of Beethoven and Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Voice your choice!

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Dalienne said...

Marta, Lovely danced reunion and the archive is not so dusty. Thank you,