Thursday, December 06, 2007


(Because this is a hard sell, you'll get the pitch first, followed by the rationale.)

The Pitch
For any contribution of $25 or more, you will receive a handsome box of greeting cards, with a dozen color images from past and future dance videos: BRICKTOWN, CHEKHOV, THE WELCOME TABLE, TENDERNESS, and PORCH STORIES. (Click on the button at the end of this post to preview these images drawn from 2 years of recent work.) You can make your contribution to AND DANCERS, INC. by using the handy "donation" button on the right-hand side of this page. Or you can mail it to me at:

And Dancers, Inc.
12 Castle Heights Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960

The Rationale:
The rationale usually includes proof that your contribution is needed, or that the recipient is worthy. Both are true. As to worthiness, this has been a productive year for me:

The 7-minute dance video THAW was completed, and has been screened several times since, most recently at FRAME 2007 in Portugal

A sweaty residency at Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, with a memorable performance, leading to the completion of BRICKTOWN, a 12-minute video featuring the music of Erik Friedlander, now being submitted to various film festivals.

My "video camp" experience at MediaNet in Victoria, British Columbia where I participated in a workshop called Dance for the Camera. I haven't turned in my book report yet, because I'm still working on the two short studies I made there. If you'll allow me an extension, I hope to have them blog-ready by 2008.


On a glorious weekend in early November, we shot my latest dance/narrative, tentatively called AT CHEKHOV CREEK. Shooting it was a dream, with the same crew as PORCH STORIES, and a cast that featured long-time Project Co. collaborators Marta Miller and Robert Sorrentino - as well as actor David Strathairn.

As to need, a laundry list will suffice:

more memory for the computer on which I edit all this work
entry fees for film festival submissions
additional (deferred) pay for cast & crew of CHEKHOV
printing of the lovely greeting cards themselves
a fund that will allow for not-so-shoestring productions, including
more rehearsal time pre-production

You get the idea. You've probably been generous to me in the past, and if you've read this far, that alone is a kind of generosity. Thanks for being there.

Say good night, Gracie.

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