Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Archive of the Month: SOFT SELL (1986)

I recently transferred several ancient works to DVD, to preserve them for posterity. In case we're not around when posterity comes, rather than leave them in a box in my attic, I thought I'd also occasionally post them here. Relic of the Month of is SOFT SELL, which was made while I was pregnant with my son Amos, who turned 21 in August.

  • To read more and view SOFT SELL click here...
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    LONA said...

    As usual, with "Soft Sell", you have left visual images in my brain that will cause me to reflect for days on the emotional experience of watching your choreography.

    For 8 years (of the 30 you have been creating dance) I have watched your beautiful language of dance. Thank you for adding the relics to your blogspot, so I can go back in time and get more of your art, and for writing it so it lasts.