Thursday, August 16, 2018

What's it all about ?

years pass and I move from NYC to Nyack
years pass and I raise two children
years pass and the print newsletter transforms to a digital format
years pass and those children grow to be men
years pass and I become a filmmaker
years pass and I become eligible for Medicare!

And I ask myself for the umpteenth time if it's necessary, or even worthwhile, to share what I'm up to with the same small group of people who find their way here.

Last month, in the run-up to the screening of Her Magnum Opus at the prestigious Dance on Camera Festival, I was posting furiously on Facebook. And the first NYC screening of Opus was gratifying because folks came who hadn't seen it yet, probably hadn't seen ANY Renzi work in quite a while, if ever.

But if the number of likes on the Opus Facebook page are a measure of its value, I'd give up altogether. And when I come to understand that "everyone" is migrating to Instagram, I realize that I'd rather save my energy to make stuff - or even meditate on making stuff - than play the social media game, and badly at that. Come to think of it, this blogspot is hopelessly un-trendy now that the digital world abounds with hipper opportunities to go public. Blogspot? Definitely eligible for Medicare.

But I do apparently feel the urge to keep a running log in here - however irregular, and however slanted - that marks the passing of the years. And to confirm that I'm still at it: determinedly making stuff while just as perpetually wondering why.

Running Log

31 short films since 2006

Check out the Filmography for trailers and festivals.
Crazy, right? I should be ashamed of myself.

Her Magnum Opus
Tuesday, September 25th @ 7:00 pm
Anthology Film Archives

In search of lost time is the one making the rounds these days - from Huntington, West Virginia to Lisbon.

Red Dirt Dances, made in Brazil last November, is just weeks from starting on its festival journey.
At the moment I'm wrestling with the one I shot in Virginia ... stay tuned.

2 new ones to come, commissioned by old friends at two colleges:

September 6-16
a 2nd dance film residency 
Slippery Rock University, PA

January 14-20
a 3rd ! dance film residency 
Rhode Island College, Providence

And now, because the running log always includes imagery,
this excerpt from Opus, with original music by Ljova.


Oasis Odyssey said...

So beautiful, Marta!

Unknown said...

I love your blog-face-insta-spots.

Keyle Rece said...

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