Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Media Blitz


I'm posting news about Her Magnum Opus all over - here on the blog, on Facebook and even on Instagram.  If you haven't yet stumbled on the website for this long-awaited first feature, please do visit. There are gorgeous photos, mostly by Robert Vergara, of cast and crew. There's some wonderful music to whet your appetite - including tunes by artists like David Pulkingham, Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin, Kitty Brazelton - and Lorenzo Wolff! And there's a synopsis that sounds like the work of someone you'll probably recognize.

With the possible exception of this blog, I usually soft-pedal the self-promotion. But I've decided Opus is just too brave and lovely to hide under a bushel. So please share the above trailer widely. And when there's news of screenings, I hope you'll shout them from the rooftops.  I sure will.

In the small festivals where my work shows, sometimes year after year, reviews in the press  are rare. So I cherish comments from programmers like Steve Cleberg of Autumn Shorts in Kentucky who previously screened Her Children Mourn and Roxie. When sending news this year that Besties was selected, he wrote:

it'll be nice to screen another one of your little masterpieces at the fest.

Similarly, Breaking 8 in Sardegna Italy has chosen to share 4 of those "little masterpieces" over the past 4 years. In an email just now saying they'd selected Honeymoon for this year's festAlessandra wrote:

Abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo i tuoi lavoro! 
(We absolutely loved your work!)

I know you'll join me in hoping I get a warm response - in many languages - for this bigger masterpiece. 

While we're waiting and hoping, please join me at the New York area screening of Besties as part of a program called Films de Femmes:

YoFi Film Fest 
Sunday October 23 at noon

See you there!

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