Monday, August 08, 2016

Here's what's HOT

August finds me continuing to fine-tune HER MAGNUM OPUS, the roughly hour-long project I've been working at - off and on - since last October. There's certainly a lot of dance in it, but its characters speak - including the wonderful leading lady, Aileen Passloff -- so I think of it less as a dance film than …  a feature film. Below is a scene from OPUS so  you can decide how/if to categorize it.

"Left on the cutting room floor." It's an expression we've all heard but let me tell you it's heart-breaking to experience the loss of a cherished sequence of images, especially when they'd been associated with a poignant song like Little Pearl, written by David Pulkingham, with lyrics by Daniel Wolff.  Of course there's plenty of editing in the process of making live work, too, so I'm no stranger to losing stuff I love. But that doesn't make it any easier. As of now, this sequence is out of the film, and it makes me think that whoever coined that other heartless editing expression -- Kill your babies” -- clearly wasn't a parent! 

Speaking of live work, I'm looking forward to returning this fall to Manhattanville College to make a new dance with students there, and to my second visit to The Truro Center for the Arts on Cape Cod to make community dance in October.

I'm proud to list below a cornucopia of screenings of my various short films, both old and new. It's a pretty impressive list, if I do say so myself.  They're showing all around the world, from late summer to fall, with Nyack Film Festival listed first, out of chronological order. I figure Nyack is the one my readers are most likely to attend - unless you happen to be traveling in Tasmania!

Little Pearl from Marta Renzi on Vimeo.

August 19 @ 7:30
Nyack Film Festival
Honeymoon & Besties

September 22-25

Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Washington
Plow Plant Reap

August 24-27

International Short Film Festival of Faro
Faro, Portugal
890 Broadway

September 12 -17

La Rioja es de Cine
Logano, Spain
Her Children Mourn

September 15 & 16

Autumn Shorts Film Festival
Somerset, Kentucky

September 15

Southway Film Festival
Mikolaiyv, Ukraine
Her Children Mourn

September 21-24

International Dance Film Festival of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

September 22-25

Golden Door International Film Festival
Jersey City, New Jersey


Salamanca Moves Festival


Third Coast Dance Film Festival
Houston, TX

November 5
DanceLab Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus
Plow Plant Reap

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