Friday, September 26, 2014

Be Here Now

Ladies & Gentlemen, my plate is full of delicious projects: past, present, ongoing and yet to come.  My intention is to report monthly, but when I miss a month I'm torn between giving updates and moving toward the future.  

There's ROXIE, an 8-minute documentary I completed in 5 days at Experimental Film Virginia in the middle of August, Trailer here.

There've been various film screenings and a few awards - Outstanding Editing for Her Children Mourn and Best Short for A Thousand Miles.  And 890 Broadway screens at Outlet Dance Project next month.
Then in mid-September at Slippery Rock University, I choreographed and directed something for 11 dancers wearing costumes by Liz Prince, in a stunning location, shot by my wonderful host, Jennifer Keller.  

Now I'm back in Nyack, editing that Pennsylvania project (see below) and shooting a new one.  I told you about the CSA grant I got from Rivertown Artists Workshop to work with Latina mothers & daughters in Tarrytown. We've had one movement session and the results are already delightful - tender, rollicking, unselfconscious.  Right now it looks like the final product will drift away from typical videodance toward docu-dance, documentary...

And by the way, you can catch my general drift for the next several months if you attend a program called "hors d'oeuvres" - videodances screened in the lobby of the 92nd Street Y before their Fridays@Noon series. All Renzi all the time.
Editing begins on the latest: Fair, Clear & Terrible shot in Slippery Rock, PA in early September.