Monday, November 25, 2013

Salutations !

That's me performing at Lincoln Center Out of Doors on a hot day in August, 1992.  Our final dance presented on that sweltering afternoon was Ladies Night, danced to a Horowitz recording of Beethoven, and 2 selections by Rahsaan Roland Kirk.  Before you click on the link to  Vimeo, I recommend you get yourself a glass of something: it's a longer segment than I usually post. But I promise it will reward watching, even if only for the chance to listen to Kirk's galvanizing rendition of The Old Rugged Cross as finale.  And to watch me and the unique cast of Erin Koh, Julianna Luecking, Janice Mirajanian, Holly Poundstone and a very pregnant Deborah Tacon revel in each other's improvisations. 

I've often said that I love the reality check of performing outdoors where the audience can choose to pay attention or not.  This video is evidence that there's more than one way to watch a dance: the kids delightedly jumping around; the white-haired man whose head is slumped in sleep throughout the entire show, the enthusiastic whoops from other unseen members of the crowd.  It's a document I'm very glad to have even though my filmmaker's eye is often wishing we could get a bit closer to the action.

News in Brief:

The Book of Breath, seen as a rehearsal excerpt in the clip below, enjoyed 4 performances at Manhattanville College earlier this month.  The students shone beyond my expectations, the choral music was striking, the costumes designed by Liz Prince lit up the stage - so much beauty it was almost religious. It was productive for me to be engrossed in making choices in the studio, bringing them to life right then and there, rather than sitting at a computer editing...

Speaking of which, Her Children Mourn will be the 4th Renzi film to be screened in Duncan, Oklahoma since I first discovered the Trail Dance Film Festival in 2007. I am always gratified to develop a long-term relationship with fests (like Black Maria, InShadow & Sans Souci) that continue to appreciate what I make.  It pleases me even more when it's a festival operating outside the insular world of dance, which means my work is being shared with regular folks - who can choose to fall asleep during that show, as well!

There also happens to be a mini-Renzi fest going on in Sardegna Italy these days in the video portion of Festival di Nuova Danza called Breaking 8. Figuring it would increase the odds of one of my films being accepted, I submitted 5 shorts to Breaking 8. imagine my surprise when all five were chosen!

Coming up in 2014 I'll start work on a new dance film for Rhode Island College students, to be edited in time for their spring concert. And I'll finally dig into editing Wild Wood footagewhich has been patiently waiting since last summer when it was shot in New Hampshire.  Finally, look for a Kickstarter campaign aimed at completing The Circus According to Cecil - raising funds to pay for music licenses so that viewers can enjoy the wonderful classical music that Cecil and the symphony chose to accompany some truly thrilling and delightful performances.

But if you can't wait for the Kickstarter campaign, and want to make a straight-up, tax-deductible, year-end donation to And Dancers, Inc. far be it from me to stop you.  Donate button is to your right.

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