Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Only the good news

I hereby premiere the trailer for my latest short film. (I recommend viewing it full screen which you can do by clicking on the symbol to the right of the HD.) 

It was completed while at the Liguria Study Center in Bogliasco, Italy where I was a most lucky Fellow since mid-February. While there I also worked on editing on a long-form documentary which would have taken me many months to draft, back in the real world.  The time to focus, with the sound of the Ligurian Sea outside my window, was a great gift.

As I was editing these two new pieces, I continued to submit earlier work to festivals - and to receive news of previous festival submissions.   Truth is, I've gotten my fair share of rejections...who doesn't? 

But the habit of hustling is to share only the good news. In both cases below, it's 890 Broadway that will now find its way to an audience. Shot on New Year's Eve 2011, 890 had been feeling pretty unloved, so these particular acceptances delight me.  

agite y sirva
a touring festival in Mexico

Black Maria Film+Video Festival 
touring around the United States

In addition, I'm proud to announce that ARTHUR & AILEEN will be included in DFA's Dance on Camera compilation - which is the equivalent of another tour, you could say.

In April I'll share news of live Renzi work "touring" to New York and New England in June, as well as plans for two new videodances later this summer.

That's the news that makes my world go round - in the real world, or right here in the Golfo Paradiso.

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