Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Picture me...

                                                             Andy Chapman in a still from JOY & JOHN.         
                                                                                            Photo:  Bob Vergara

...quietly dreaming, editing and dancing during my month-long fellowship in Italy.  

The above is from a dance film short I'll be editing, with the working title JOY & JOHN.  And I have a second editing project to keep me busy: a longer documentary which follows Cecil MacKinnon as she directs Circus Flora's recent production of A Child's Christmas in Wales with the St. Louis Symphony.

Like WHERE THE DANCE IS and ARTHUR & AILEEN, this new one will be an insider's view of the process, stopping just short of final production - a tantric doc?  Encouraged by the reception of both my shorts at the 41st annual Dance on Camera festival - not to mention the Bogliasco Fellowship itself - I'm hoping to dispense with my usual self-doubt and just get cracking.

I'll save the self-doubt for the new solo I proposed to create while there!  If nothing else, work on the solo will be a good warm-up for a new dance at Dance Conversations @ the Flea on June 12th - and later this summer on the Inside/Out stage of Jacob's Pillow, date TBA.

Meanwhile, I'll try to send digital postcards from Bogliasco during the next several weeks...


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