Thursday, March 01, 2012

From NYC to Havana...

To those of you who couldn't make it to Lisbon - or even Detroit or Jersey City - to see what I've been up to: check out the following 2 chances to get your Renzi fix closer to home this coming month.
BROTHER'S KEEPER (above) premieres
NOBODY'S DARLING screens in the lobby

March 22 at 7:00

Kinetic Cinema is a regular screening series curated by invited guest artists who create evenings of films and videos that have been influential to their own work as artists.

For this evening, I find myself showing excerpts from feature films that include a prison gang and a drunken orgy, and run the gamut from Greek tragedy to Saturday morning cartoons. To accompany these, I've chosen bits from my own dance films featuring characters with everyday lives and actual jobs - garbage collector, nursing aide, bartender - and who dance like it.

This will be a rare occasion for me to pontificate on what moves me - and to show some of the videodances I've made - from my 1981 YOU LITTLE WILD HEART to my 2011 YEAR, MAKE & MODEL. That's 30 years - how is that possible?!

If you're in the area, please join me at either event.

Alternatively, you can fly down to Havana - I am! - to see several of my short dance films as part of DV Danza Habana Movimiento y Ciudad.

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