Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is in the Air

Can you pick out the iconic shot of Amos & Tina from NOBODY'S DARLING taken by Matthew Murphy?

DARLING showed last month in at Rice University's Third Coast Film Festival in Dallas Texas. It will also be screened later this fall in Budapest, Hungary as part of EDIT 2011.

And YEAR, MAKE & MODEL is starting to make the rounds - last month at Sans Souci and this coming November in Buenos Aires as part of VideoDanzaBA. YEAR and AQUA-BOOTY were both selected to join the lineup of Videodanca Sao Carlos in Brazil.

A few posts ago I made a joke about AQUA-BOOTY showing at a festival called danca em foco - also in Brazil - "where booty is beloved". AQUA features 4 beautiful broads in bikinis, it's kinda smart-aleck, rocks along to the music, turns female exploitation on its...ass. It's not esoteric fare, admittedly - but I continue to be amused that only Brazil seems to recognize its value. See for yourself. [This just in on October 2: InShadow Festival in Lisbon, Portugal has also selected both AQUA-BOOTY - and YEAR - for its December 2011 Festival. BOOTY's fans can now be expanded beyond Brazil to the larger Portuguese-speaking world...]

Meanwhile, I've kept busy on current projects, posting APPLE TREE to Vimeo as promised. Actually, it's due for a sequel or update, because Mica is now legally an alien among us...

And the men's trio I shot in July - TANGLED ANGELS - is pretty much edited. It just needs a little cosmetic work before I begin submitting it to festivals - esoteric or otherwise.

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