Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heat wave

Last you heard it was spring with Mica in an apple tree. (Let's make this interactive: if you want to see APPLE TREE, write a comment below or send me an email and I'll post it on Vimeo.)

Now it's full-on summer and I'm almost finished editing a project that was rehearsed and shot in a hot minute! I only had a month to cast, coordinate and rehearse with 3 busy, beautiful young men: Carlos Gonzalez (who just left for the international tour of ZORRO), Amos Wolff (who is opening in FOLLIES on Broadway later this month) and Andy Chapman (who worked with me at The Yard and at West End Theater last fall).

We squeezed in 7 rehearsals, and shot in 3.5 jam-packed hours at Dixon Place, complete with fog machine and the wonderful eye of Shige Moriya behind the camera. Above is a screenshot of my 3 muses. Amazingly, it seems it will be finished in record time and begin the rounds of festivals.

But perhaps I should have led with the news that YEAR, MAKE & MODEL was accepted at Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, where it will show September 16-18 - and where my work has shown for 5 years running!

YEAR will also show in Newport, Rhode Island as part of DFA's Dance on Camera Touring Program on August 22, to build momentum for Island Moving Company's festival of site-specific work called "Open for Dancing".

Because I'm on the Board of Directors of DFA (the President in fact!) I'm typically a bit circumspect about presenting my work under its auspices. But in this case it's a natural, because YEAR and O4D are both site-specific, both use Rhode Island perfomers - and helping shape the program are Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects who is also creating a site work, and Christy Park, DFA's new Executive Director.

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Susette said...

Yes, I want to see APPLE TREE. I want to see them ALL. That's the tough part about living in the most beautiful place on earth, remote from the beautiful minds of art.