Friday, April 15, 2011

Aqua-booty Premieres!

Aqua-booty was shot last summer, and began being submitted to festivals in early 2011. I've just started hearing back from some of the international film festivals - dance-related and otherwise.

The first acceptance is from danca em foco in Brazil - a country where, from all reports, booty is much beloved.

The next acceptance - in a festival that takes place at the end of this month - just came from Festdecurt in Denia, Spain: the First International Festival of Shorts, where Nobody's Darling will also be screened, in the dance/film category.

And WHERE THE DANCE IS will screen next Saturday, April 23 at the National Gallery of Art - not a premiere, but a prestigious venue in our nation's capitol as part of the Black Maria tour.

Can it be possible I'm doing something right?

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