Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm delighted to announce that my short video 3 SPEED has been accepted into Danca Em Foco, a dance for the camera festival in Brazil.

But for those of you not flying down to Rio, you can see a mash-up of some of 3 SPEED + TEXAS PLATES as well as footage shot with my Flip from NYC's High Line, set to pretty great music by The Break. It's a competition, part of Genero TV, which makes no bones about the selection process where finalists are chosen by the band, the website - and you, Dear Reader!

"...2 of the 6 finalists for each video will be based on user votes so share the link with as many people as you can. Start collecting votes and give yourself the best chance of winning!"

In case you think that art is just a popularity contest...this shameless old cheerleader is gunning for prom queen.

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