Sunday, May 03, 2009

Coming Attractions

Three chances to see Renzi dances - live and on video - in the coming month. Be sure to scroll down for all 3.

I'M NOT VERY PRETTY, created in 1986 as part of SOFT SELL, will be performed by a 17-year-old from Warwick, New York. Rachel Sander has created a solo show as part of her graduation from high school and asked me to make a dance for her.  She learned the 4-minute dance from a DVD, and we worked on it together a few times. Brave, smart girl, this one: when I told her the costume should be something that makes her feel a bit exposed, and not entirely "pretty," she came up with a selection of her grandmother's bathing suits. Rachel will be showing PRETTY, along with dances by herself, Clare Porter and her mentor Linda Mensch on Friday, May 8th at Warwick Valley High School. For Info: 845.986-5359

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