Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pro Bono Publico

And then there are other ways to give.

For a long time, I have been largely at a remove from the dance community. Now I'm back in action, working on two projects.

Burt Supree was a dance critic for the VILLAGE VOICE for many years, whose writing supported the dance community and the very idea of making dances. I've been working with a wonderful group of people who were touched by Burt to create a website in his honor. There's also an article due out soon in Movement Research Journal; and an event planned for March 2009 to share his work with the Bennington, Williams and Sarah Lawrence College communities.  For me, it has been a great pleasure to re-read Burt's writing, while transcribing for the website.  It has allowed me to once again experience his generous, erudite, humorous voice. I highly recommend you click on his name above, choose someone you'd like to read about in the Index of Artists, listen to "Burt Speaks" or read a few poems.  A great way to start the new year.

In September I joined the Board of Directors of Dance Films Association whose annual festival is coming right up: January 6-17, 2009 at the Walter Reade Theater.  As a new director, I'm learning the ropes, have signed on to expand the membership, and have helped initiate DFA's first Town Meeting, which I hope will help to connect and galvanize the dance/film community. During the festival, one of my all-time favorite dance/films will be shown: VSPRS SHOW AND TELL by Sophie Fiennes, which is a powerful filmed version of a killer live production by Alain Patel.  Click on the link above, for VSPRS screenings, or to choose another program to attend.

Oh, and to cement my ties to the dance world, I'm even taking class again: weekly, at DNA with Oliver Steele: thus, almost single-handedly raising the median age of the student body.

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