Friday, October 24, 2008

"I know nothing about dance, but..."

...when I put YOU LITTLE WILD HEART in the DVD player and saw what you had done, I was both mesmerized and transported...I loved, loved, loved seeing such beauty in such an industrial, gritty setting. You helped me see the music - your dancers' beautiful bodies and movements helped me experience something new about that old time.

And with MOUNTAINVIEW...I related a lot more to the late-80's barroom setting (I quit drinking in 1991) when the best thing in life seemed to be a night at the bar, partying with friends and strangers, strangers becoming friends. And, of course, there's just the amazing sexiness of your work - it's just so wonderful to slide down into it. Thank you - over an hour on a Sunday morning, you made a stranger's life richer and healed a sliver of her past..."

(from a new fan, who saw two old video dances of mine. Some of my favorite responses begin with the words, "I don't know much about dance but..."

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