Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy, Sexy New Year!

Here, finally, is one of the two projects I started this past summer at Dance for the Camera (at Media Net in Victoria, British Columbia - "video camp".)

This 3-minute study was made with no rehearsal, two cameras and the lovely Monica Campbell. Those who know me well won't be surprised to see a video celebration of a woman's evening bath...IS there such thing as a room of one's own?

I'm sharing this unfinished etude here on the blog because I don't plan to submit it to film festivals. So, as the week of the NYC Dance Film Association Festival begins at the Walter Reade theater you can enjoy Caught Looking in a room of your own.

Maybe you can suggest a score...?
Is it way too artsy?
The editing not playful enough?
Do you want more of a pay-off?
Of course there will be no re-shoot, but your comments might lead me to some illuminating re-evaluation of my editing options.

And if this one draws any interest, I'm planning on posting the second etude - one which I did on the last day of the workshop, with one camera in 3 outdoor locations - a man and a woman in a convertible as the sun sets.

Speak up! Watch it through! Vote!

And have a happy, sexy New Year.


Danny Alexander said...

I really enjoyed this! The payoff is the revelation of the dance itself. Thanks for sending it along, and happy new year to you, Marta!


Dalienne said...

Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you at Dance on Camera! Keep up the good work! Dalienne

And Dancers Inc. said...

Hi Marta,

I'm Lew Rosenbaum's spousal roommate and sometimes collaborator in
crimes FOR humanity-I met you at dinner with Dave Marsh, Daniel and
your son about 2 summers ago. Lew asked me to respond to your
request for comments in re:Caught Looking, ostensibly because of my
way-early-life dance studies. So here goes, hope I'm not being too
presumptuous, but I do believe artists need feedback.

First, the interplay of the black & white with the color is very
interesting--brings to my mind the play of memory, dreams,
recollections of bathing --the past ,or the perceptions of the
past?--against the here and now -the present--thus juxtaposing the
experience with idea of the experience. My first thought of music was
Eric Satie, particularly a piece that is entitled something like
Three Variations on a Pear --I'm not sure of the title but its a very
dreamy sort of piano piece that in my recollection, I associated
with the softly blowing lace curtain and the swirling water. It's
also a playful exploration of musical form.

I think Cuaght Looking is artsy--in the sense that it has a formalist
kind of explorative quality--but not "way too artsy" in the campy or
abstruse sense. The formalist aspect includes ambiguity --this
piece seems to be about more than the real experience of a private
and sensual act of bathing, i.e. it seems to include the many other
thoughts, sensual associations, personal reminiscences, etc. that
occur while one is bathing--hence the dreamy quality and that
switching between black & white and color (hmm, that is what's
happening isn't it? or is it just that my monitor is not picking up
on a more nuanced palette in the other camera? A conceptual treatment
of the time dimension as metaphor for dream?).

Finally, the fact that she is clothed tells me that this piece is not
about voyeurism, but about visualizing an aesthetic idea so no, I
don't need more of a "pay off', but I do think there could more
definition of the movements (allow us to see some of the follow-thru
of the line) and sharper contextualization of the idea.

Thanks for sending us the piece.
Happy Solstice & Happy New Year!
Diana (Berek)